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kazooo - exposed ep [63_053]

by 020200

Published September 22, 2004

The 'Exposed EP' from kazooo is the second release on 2063music after his 'sparse rotation' LP. The LP was more searching for an ambience in technomusic. Now the Exposed EP is far more searching for something, that I want to call 'Listening Techno'. Hard edged basslines meet warm and fat bassdrums, while the tempo ist not too fast. This is very clean techno with concise breaks, that are not distracting the listening mode. I could imagine to listen to this music in a lounge-chair in the year 2017. A lounge listening experience.

Run time 34 min


Reviewer: - - September 22, 2006
Subject: Reviewed on
Minimal music always seemed to be a bit iffy for me whenever it is applied to artistic endeavours including music (I would exclude style from this since minimal is in vogue there e.g. fruity iPods). It would take a normal person a lot of effort to unearth whatâs so special about a lot of minimal material out there. But, when you finally find something minimal that you like, you realize how much effort is needed in minimal artforms. Essentially, the artist is in a battle to hold your attention with as few elements as possible. When he wins the battle, you would find yourself enjoying every moment of your experience. The hooks of minimal music are infectious repetitive rhythms and motifs that get stuck in your head while eschewing all other elements that can prove distracting.

Outgateâs EP that I reviewed a while back opened my eyes to the world of minimal techno. This EP takes it a step further by being even more minimal. The greater dependency of techno on sound compared to other electronic dance forms makes it a great template for minimal music.

Th Exposed EP brings to you glitchy noises and techno synths ran through various delay and reverb effects while repeating relentlessly throughout challenging the limits of boredom of your mind.

Favourite tracks:
01. Exposed
Exposed is the catchiest track of the EP. The interesting thing about this track is that it shares the same bassline rhythm with the second track - Penguin. The only differences between the 2 basslines are the notes and timbre of the sound. So, if you feel a sense of deja vu when listening to the second track, this is probably the reason.

05. Comaforce
This track starts off very slowly but the breathy pads that jump in every few moments after the first minute or so are the highlight of this track. Since, you never really get to hear the pads for more than 2 seconds every time, you donât get bored of them and each time they jump in, the minimalism of the track is reduced, if only for a moment, giving you a nice respite. There is also a funny effect thatâs used later in the track that sounds like an object moving across a wooden floor. Interesting concept and great execution.